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This is the webpage of For The Lost, an organization devoted to missing persons cases. However, we differ from the other online listings in that the members actively work to solve the cases on the site.

We are currently researching 29 cases, and have a small membership. It is hoped through this website we will be able to aquire more members and thus take on a larger caseload.

There are many online forums that have and discuss missing persons' cases. How we are different

  • Recent site updates

  • Our current case files

  • The Adam Haseeb Memorial Pages photo directories (family abductions)

  • Jahi's Pages - Closed but unsolved cases

  • The Adam Haseeb Memorial Pages text listing

  • California Kids (Poster campaign)

  • Located persons

  • Our criteria for case inclusion

  • Our FAQ

  • Essays written by For the Lost members

  • A Glossary of Missing Person's Terms

  • A list of helpful links

  • A list of some of the people that made this site possible

  • The For the Lost Recovered Missing Persons Gallery

  • To e-mail us on any subject, click here.

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